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Your company truly is a Digital Experience company. Okay, all companies are technically UX companies, but yours stands out for being a legitimate driver of business success. But, be careful. Today’s digital environment can change in an instant. One day your UX is world-class, and the next it could be wholly obsolete. Even with a high score like yours, the project now is staying informed, staying current, and being diligent in constantly iterating and improving your UX to meet evolving demands. Adapt or die. 

So, how can you adapt? The final form of a company that leverages UX as a competitive advantage has a fully functional research operations team that helps you determine what your customers want, how they are interacting with your existing UX, how they are responding to their customer experience once in your funnel, and the actions your team needs to take to make design and usability adjustments accordingly. 

This is what it means to be customer-centric. Chapters 4-8 of The Digital Experience Company detail the importance of UX and market research, how granular your research needs to be, how to assemble customer panels, design customer surveys to deliver the information you seek, establish UX maturity benchmarks, and execute on your findings in a way that drives ROI for your business. 

Overflowing with expert guidance informed by decades of leading and succeeding in the digital economy, the insights put forward by Alfonso de la Nuez are sure to include something you’ve missed when designing and iterating your UX. No matter how you measure up, there is always room for improvement, and always an opportunity to design your digital experience in a way that retains existing customers and attracts new ones every day. 

To learn more about the principles of UX utilized by the world’s top brands, download your free chapter of The Digital Experience Company. If you would like to learn more about Alfonso de la Nuez and his philosophy, pick up your copy of his book today. For information on working with Alfonso, reach out here.

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