Breaking down the silos between UX and CX insights: Why we acquired EnjoyHQ

UserZoom acquires EnjoyHQ


To celebrate our acquisition of EnjoyHQ, the market-leading experience insights hub, let’s explore what this means for our customers, and the wider digital experience industry, as we enter the era of Experience Insights Management (XIM).

Today we officially welcome EnjoyHQ to the UserZoom family, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Together we’ll help businesses better understand and manage all the customer and user insights gleaned from a digital journey, by breaking down the silos between CX and UX teams and strategies. We call this Experience Insights Management (XIM).

This will help teams better consolidate and collaborate regardless of where that insight originated, and create the kinds of seamless experiences that customers demand.

To explore what all of this means for our customers and the wider digital experience industry, I recorded an interview with Sofia Quintero, founder and CEO of EnjoyHQ. We discuss our shared vision for the industry, the need for a centralized approach to customer and user insight, and how together we can help overcome the operational challenges of research and insight management to help you make better decisions, faster.

UserZoom + EnjoyHQ

A conversation with Sofia Quintero, Founder and CEO, EnjoyHQ, and Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-founder and Co-CEO, UserZoom.


Designing great, seamless experiences is a critical competitive differentiator, especially in this world of digital acceleration. And it’s challenging too. That’s because businesses gather and store experience insights in siloes that fragment the total picture of the digital experience. But your customers don’t care why their experience of making a purchase, contacting customer support, or returning an item, is disjointed – they’ll just go to a competitor who offers a smoother customer experience.

As Sofia states in the video above, it’s difficult to connect the dots between different teams in an organization and the insights they gather from customers and users. Whether it’s a research, product, marketing, or sales team – all of these people collect valuable insight in some form, but it’s stored in different places and can be inaccessible to teams who should be able to benefit from it.

This leads to inefficiencies, wastage, and, ultimately a fragmented experience for the end-user. You not only need the right insights to understand that experience but be able to combine, share and act upon these insights in an orchestrated way across the organization.

Sofia and her team at EnjoyHQ have worked hard over the last six years to create a better system for cross-functional teams that use multiple sources of insight…

“What we’re trying to do is solve these challenges. There are a ton of research teams who are repeating research that’s already been done. Companies find it really hard to innovate when you have teams spending hours on admin tasks, as opposed to focusing on making sense of the data they already have.”

EnjoyHQ allows researchers to centralize and organize customer feedback and research findings into a single location, helping teams to better consolidate and collaborate regardless of where that insight originated from.

Basically, EnjoyHQ helps people make the most out of the data they already have.

This level of collaboration will help companies further move away from silos, improving the level of insight gained, and ultimately, efficiently manage their research operations.

And that’s what’s exciting about this deal to the future of the industry…

UserZoom is already the multi-method, multi-device solution for gathering robust experience insights at every stage of the product development lifecycle. EnjoyHQ offers the market-leading experience insights hub for centrally organizing and sharing insights from multiple sources.

With this combination, we aim to be the system of record for experience insights within businesses.

Once again, a huge welcome to Sofia and the whole EnjoyHQ team to the UserZoom family. We can’t wait for the next step in our journey.

An integrated UserZoom and EnjoyHQ product will be available in the second half of 2021. If you have any questions, please get in touch!


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